Miserable fever heat no more,
Give your child the comfort they deserve during a fever.

Reusable and always ready
(No activation of any kind or refrigeration needed)
Parents, no more feeling helpless
The meds wore off and your child is burning up
They're looking to you for a solution.
Draw The Heat Away
Fever heat feels miserable. Draw the heat away from your child's body quickly and naturally.
 Draws Heat For Hours: Long lasting comfort 
 Reusable: For every member of your family
 Durable: Strong, waterproof, BPA Free nylon cover
 Easy Storing: Folds compact, space saving
Soft And Mess Free
Soft, smooth, and comforting to the touch, it was created with our babies and toddlers in mind.
 Soft And Smooth: Soft enough to snuggle with
 Easy Cleaning: Wipe it down with a damp cloth
 Never: No dishwasher or laundry machine needed.
 No Activation Needed: No water or liquid soaking
Shock Free
Unlike a damp cold rag, or worse, an ice-pack, our FeverWrap doesn't shock the skin.
 Sensory Friendly: Smooth for sensory sensitivity
 Weighted: Lightly weighted for a blanket feel
 Gentle Cooling: Induces a restful, calming state that helps your child fall asleep faster
 Essential Oils: Rub a drop of your child's favorite essential oil (diluted) onto the FeverWrap to add an additional layer of Aroma Therapy comfort
So Many Other Uses
For Child
  • Fever: What it was made for
  •  Stroller: Lay it down for sit or sleep
  • Car Seat: Soft and cool for sitting
  • Park/Beach: A cooling barrier
For Momma
  • Hot Flashes: And night sweats
  • Inflammation: Reduces inflammation
  • Birth: Breasts and C-Section relief 
  •  Stress: Relieves tension, Neck and Back
Everything Else
  • Long Drive: Sacral and Lumbar Relief
  • Back Pain: Incredible for this
  •  Joints: Relief from inflamed joint pain
  • Pets: Yes, even for the pets
Limitless Possibilities
** Customer Reviews**
and questions
See How A Traumatic Hospital Experience Turned Into A Mission.
It was the worst week of our lives. The inspiration behind the FeverWrap. 

We worked so hard on this mission and tested for years to perfect our solution for a more natural way to keep our babies and children comfortable during a fever. No more trying everything between doses to keep them comfortable while they're heating up.
Free Shipping, Tax Free
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 Did You Know?
From 1998 to 2003, acetaminophen was the leading cause of acute liver failure in the United States
Frequently Asked
  • Is It Safe? Non-Toxic?
Absolutely. The FeverWrap was created for our own children in mind, so the inner gel had to be 100% non-toxic. The nylon blend outer cover is BPA free.
  • Why Was This Made?
The most common element that makes a child miserable during a fever is the heat their body generates. While the body needs that internal heat to kill off whatever bug it has, our FeverWrap was made to transfer the heat away from the body, thus allowing your child more comfort in order to rest during their internal battle.  
  • Will I Still Need To Dose My Child?
Giving medication is personal choice and one that should be followed under the consult of a Doctor or healthcare professional. We personally try to avoid artificially lowering a temperature with meds, and the FeverWrap has allowed us some freedom to make that choice. Many of our customers have shared that they have not felt the need to dose their child because of the FeverWrap, while others have mentioned that combining the FeverWrap with dosing was very effective for their families.
  • Do I Need To Chill it?
Not at all. Our FeverWrap sits at a tepid temperature so there's no shock to your child's skin once they snuggle up on it.
  • So No Freezer?
No. Do not put it in the freezer. The FeverWrap was not meant to be frozen or act like an ice-pack or frozen gel-pack.
  • How Do I Clean It?
Cleaning is simple and fast. A warm damp cloth and a good wipe down. You can also use an anti-bacterial spray, alcohol wipes, etc. Do not put in the FeverWrap into the dishwasher or washing machine.
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